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February 15, 2010 11:29 pm


Mystic Falls Tours is starting our 3rd year in business and we are totally excited! No one could have ever convinced me we would be this busy meeting so many fans from all over the world when we started Vampire Stalkers and Mystic Falls Tours at the end of season 1. I want to start off by thanking the cast and crew of The Vampire Diaries for supporting us from day one. It really has meant the world to us. I also want to thank the fans and all our previous tour guests. So many of you have visited us multiple times here in Mystic Falls and we enjoy seeing you every single time. I also love hearing from you on twitter and via email. It really feels awesome to know we are also helping to give back to our city because so many of you stay in town and eat/shop locally. That is something that helps a small town like Covington continue to grow. So thank you for that. I also want to thank the wonderful home owners that open up there yards to us, with out them I wouldn’t be able to give you a one of a kind tour that is a joy to give. Theres nothing more fun then seeing the joy on a young girls face when she steps onto the front porch of The Lockwood Mansion. I feel blessed I am able to share those moments with the fans on a daily basis. So again I thank you and invite you to look over our website and book a tour with us. Get to know us and know that we are a family run business and were here to show you around our favorite sets and yours in Mystic Falls. Home of The Vampire Diaries!

Looking forward to guiding you,

Jessica Lowery

Your Ultimate Vampire Diaries Tour Guide

A Little about us:

Most often tours are given by Jessica while her husband Travis drives whenever possible. That means we are a family run business and we want to treat you like family. The most important thing that we have learned about The Vampire Diaries Fandom is that every single person that loves this show has a great heart and tends to love the other fans as well. That is one of the reasons its so important for us to know we not only get to show you around Mystic Falls and point out the sets that are used but that we can give you to one on one contact you want with your tour guides. Mystic Falls Tours takes pride in knowing the cast of TVD and knowing that they would want you taken care of while your here in town and that is our job. We estimate that most tours take around 2 hours, however if you need extra time to take all those 1 of a kind photos or to ask Jessica your burning Vampire Diaries questions then don’t worry, we are here for you and we enjoy spending time with you. We never rush. Jessica and her daughter aren’t named the Vampire Stalkers for nothing, not only do they watch filming whenever possible giving you knowledge you can’t learn anywhere else until the episodes air but you also get to know about all the on set antics that occurred while they were on set working as extras or hanging out with the cast. We pride our self on being able to give you an awesome Fan Experience here in Mystic Falls that I promise you can’t get anywhere else. Come on out to see us here in Mystic Falls, spend your afternoon with us hanging out by the lake where Katherine staked Stefan in “The Return” episode. Were the only tour group with permission to visit many personal residences and we love giving you the chance for those awesome photo ops! Just make sure you wear some comfy shoes cause we like to walk in same the footsteps that are favorite stars have walked in and there sure are a lot of them to choose from. Merchandise is available after your tour as well.

What will you see with us? Mystic Falls Tours takes you a guided tour of Mystic Falls. We go to 25+plus locations all used on The Vampire Diaries. 

Why Choose us to tour with? MFT’s is the sole tour company with the pleasure of showing you many set homes like the Lockwood Mansion, the Witch Buriel Grounds as well as the Flashback Lockwood home used in “memory Lane” just to name a few. 

Do we offer in perks? MFT’s insures you have discounted rates at local hotels as well as we offer lots of OFFICIAL CW merchandise that you can’t purchase anywhere else.

Got anymore questions? Please check out our FAQS page over on Mystic Falls tours…all the answers to every question you could ever have are listed there. Feel free to contact me as well through the contact page on the tours site. 

Head on over to for all  the details you need to schedule your tour  so that you can tell  your friends that you visited all the places your favorite actors get to work and hang out in there downtime.



We are in no way affiliated with The CW, or Bonanza Productions. We are however partners with The Ian Somerhalder Foundation and endorsed by the cast of TVD.



  • avatar Carri DeMaggio

    Thinking of a late July re-visit to Covington!

  • cant wait! let me know and Ill get you scheduled!

  • avatar Jennifer (@InTwilightWoods)

    That’s awesome Jessica! Good for you doing this. I hope it’s a tremendous success! I think you’ll make an great Mystic Falls tour guide. :)

  • so…wait… Mystic Falls is a REAL TOWN?! NO WAY!

  • Mystic Falls is actually Covington , GA. 90% of The Vampire Diaries is filmed here and we are considered to be Mystic Falls for Vampire Diaries! You should visit us and let me give you a tour of the sets!

  • I wish I could do this tour but I live in England and money’s tight so, I’ll have to wait a while before I can afford anything like this. I hope that one day I can though. This buisness will be a great success, I’m sure of it. :)

  • Awwwww I wish I could come over to the US !!!

    Luv ya – Trish

  • heyy im georgia and i would love to vist and met damon but i live in england sooo gutted ill have to come sum time

  • Hi! I’m not really interested in a tour, but I was wondering if you could help me by letting me know where they’re filming on a certain day. I would definitely still pay you guys for it cause I want to help in your cause for Breaking Dawn! if so, please let me know, I’m visiting, and I’d be more than happy to pay you if we meet up there

  • i wish i could come im from australia

  • How much is airfare and hotel? I’m from Oklahoma, but we don’t have much money. I want to do this for my birthday late next month. Don’t scheduele me, though. I’m just thinking about it

  • Iam more than happy to give you a list of hotels so that you can find out about prices. Although I dont know about airplane rates. email me for the hotel list

  • Thanks!

  • Would love to do this! When does the taping end. I want to try to go when they ar taping better chance to catch one of them.Do you have like a pamphlet of your tours that I can send for?

  • taping goes from now until April. I cant promise you will see actual filming but we have a blast anyway. I would love to take you around. email me with any questions.

  • How many tours have you done so far? I was thinking of going there sometime in November. Will they still be filming then or do they go on break for the holiday?

  • Ive done around 20 tours. Everyone seems to have an awesome time! You should come do one. They film from now till April.

  • This sounds amazing, I’m gonna try and save up so I can schedule a tour with you guys. I live in Canada and i would need a hotel to stay at so it’s gonna take some time to save for airfare, but It definitely seems worth it. You guys are awesome for providing this service!

  • OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!! definately HAVE to schedule one :D do i just email you?

  • yes email me at
    with the day you would like to do the tour, the number in your group as well as a phone number.

  • avatar Julie Christopher

    Sounds lovely. I live in Seattle. I don’t know if anyone I know would go with me. Is it hard to find your area? Where would I have to fly into? Atlanta?


  • I’m a vampire Diaries FREAK, originally from Canada, but I live in Thailand at the moment so a tour won’t happen anytime soon :( . But I must know what the actors are like! I love all of them so much, and it’s my dream to meet them!

  • I’m definitely considering this one! I can’t come till at least 3 months from now probably, and I live in Florida so I’d have to be a planned trip. Will your tours be continuous through the year or do they have a season? And can you choose more than one location for the tour? If so does it cost extra? Also, just a curiosity but do you schedule tours when they film a lot or is it rare? That’d be an epic sight.

  • Hi,

    I heard about u guys thru vampire actually. Not sure about doing a tour just yet due to time constraints but I was wondering if you have a pretty good idea of the filming schedules an ld what actors might be around where. I am planning a trip sometime in January/February with a friend who will be in Atlanta on business. I will pay you for the info if you have the info. I would appreciate it from one vampire diaries/twilight fan to another.


  • I do them year round and we go to almost all locations on the list as well anything new they use between now and then… The tour takes around 2 hrs to do so let me know when you finalize and I will get you booked. All the pricing and locations list are available at

  • email me and w ewill talk

  • its not hard to find and u would fly intpo atlanta

  • i cannot believe this! i love the vampire diaries litterally obsessed, today i saw a girl whearing a shirt i went up to her saying this 3 times: i love you shirt, i love it, love it!” i do tht alll the time i see someone with something thats vampire diaries, i really want to do a tour but it just might be hard, and i need to figure out how i can do a tour especially for my birthday, i want to tel my mom!

  • Awesome! My home is Marietta, GA but i’m doing college in Texas, but i am definitely coming down there when i come home this summer!!! xD Cant wait!!!

  • I was wondering when would it be a good time to come for a tour and also see the cast shooting scenes? Also do you have a group discount for a group of 5 or more?
    Thanks, Haley

  • Hello i was wondering is the mystic Falls set in America
    and if yes, do you know when Ian Somerhalder will be coming to the UK?

  • Hi, I wish i could come and visit the set
    But Im from the Uk
    i was wondering when Ian Somerhalder and the vampire diaries crew going to come to the UK?

  • hello are they only taping from now to April ? :D

  • Hello jessica, i am really interted in planning a visit to covington georgia. will u send me more info on the tours including prices and places to stay. thanks kim

  • hello Jessica!!I like very mach Ian,is my favorite actor I love him,and I to know all about him..if you can tell me all you know…please please!!thanks

  • I love Ian…

  • omg im coming o florida next year and i asked if we could come to atlanta and were thinking about it but if we do ill get someone to try and book you

  • I was thinking about trying to visit sometime next spring 2012, and I was wondering what you charge for kids my daughter will be 4 and my son 1. Also it said they film july through april, and i was wondering if you know when VD is going to stop filming season 3. Thanks

  • avatar Gloria Heramia

    Hello everyone!!

    I want to let everyone know that if you want to take a tour don’t give it a second thought just go for it because it was a great experience for me. Jessica is super nice and fun and I learned so much about mystic falls. Also got to take some awesome souvenirs home where not pricy at all and best of all I got to help the Ian Somerhalder foundation by buying them which makes me feel good inside because its for a great cause. I love the Vampire Diaries because there more than just a show of beautiful CELEBRITIES they also have huge heartS they help handicap senior citizens walk their dogs, open drinking wells in Africa, help abused and endangered animal, the list goes on and on of good deeds. They’re not just self center hot celebrities they are more than that. Thanks Jessica so much for le tour. I don’t live in Covington GA but I think you should be given the huge shiny golden key of the city and be declared hero of Covington GA for a day. Your always working behind the scenes in the Ian Somerhalder foundation, eyecon, and you want everybody to have the best vampire diaries experience of their life time. It seems to me that your a very giving person and genuinely love to help others expecting nothing in return. Sincerely
    Gloria Heramia

  • Hey everybody! Okay I really have a problem. There are so many Mystic Falls, Can someone help me to find the ”Vampire Diaries Mystic Falls” ? Is it in Mystic Falls Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32224, USA? Please help!
    I hope for a answer.
    - Melanie

  • Mystic Falls is in Covington, GA

  • Hi Jessica :)
    My friend and I are planning a road trip from Orlando to Covington next March in 2013. If you could give a list of some cheapish hotels around the area that would be awesome! I have been researching your tour for a few weeks now and I am so very excited :) And since I am coming in March, I will have some chance of seeing them film? I really, really want to meet Ian Somerhalder so badly. The convention tickets to the Disney one here in Florida sold out and it makes me super sad :( Mabye I’ll be lucky and see him next year, I hope haha! Thank you so much :)

  • HI!
    Yes filming chances are higher in March. Hotels with good pricing and that also offer our guests discounts are the Hampton Inn and the Holiday Inn Express. You will get around 40 bucks a night off your bill. That almost pays for one whole MFT ticket!

    Can’t wait, coming to tour with you tomorrow!!!
    I SOOO hope we get a peek at some vampires, my 8 year old is so excited!!!

  • Omg!!! BEST TOUR I HAVE EVER TAKEN !!! I wanted to thank Jessica and Travis we had the best time with u guys and we are definitely coming back !! So with that said see u guys soon :) )) <3

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