Filming Flash Backs for season 2!

August 23, 2010 12:12 am

Vampire Stalkers was on site while filming was taking place this Friday. As the crew set up at what is called the Old Lockwood Manor we wondered how much we would see. I can tell you that they set up for what looked like a party scene. They filmed inside and outside. Beautiful Lanterns and flowers along the banisters set the scene. We got really excited once they started pulling in the horse trailers. Unfortunently it began to lighting and rain so we didnt stick it out as long as usual but we had a extra that was filming that night inside so we still hoped for a few details. This is what Danny Capes had to say about his experience.

Dear VampireStalker Fans:

My name is Danny Craig Capes and I played as an extra in the scene they shot Friday night-Sat. morning. Because of confidentality agreement I can not go into what the scene is about. All I can say is that we worked till 5 am Sat.. morning. It was a long and HOT 13 hours!!!!! I was dressed up in my tux and tails and was looking sharp if I have to say so myself. The highlight of the morning was when Ian was walking past me and we made eye contact, shook hands and introduced ourselves. I said “I saw you on last seasons season finale and he said oh yeah, I remember now. He is very nice. I wish I could tell ya what I did but that would give away the storyline. Let’s just say, I will not be wearing a tux like that AGAIN in my lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Danny Capes

Please check out Danny’s facebook fanpage. He has done Vampire Diaries more than once and does several other shows and movies in the Atlanta area! We really appreciate Danny sharing his¬†experience¬†with us and look forward to speaking with him in th future. Maybe after this episode airs I can talk him into coming back and giving us more details!!/profile.php?id=1471314616&v=wall&story_fbid=136519946389379

Lets not forget that in one of the many interviews with the cast during the break between season 1 and 2 that it has been stated that we would learn more about the history between the Lockwood’s and the Salvatore’s. I have to wonder if that has any bearing on why we would see Nina, Paul and Ian filming at the Lockwood home from the 1860′s….I don’t want to give anything away though so I’am gonna leave it at that for all of you to ponder as well. While your pondering make sure to check out all the fabulous costumes the cast was in for the flashback scenes. They are amazing.



While we were on set we got a few pictures. Some are of extras and some are of the main cast. I want to thank Tiffanie Humphries for sharing her pictures with me as well. Please remember if you use my pictures to LINK back to Vampire Stalkers. Please leave all water marks in place as well. All pictures are the property of Vampire Stalkers.



  • Jess,

    For some reason this just screams wedding at me. I might be WAY off base but the costuming and flowers and lanterns not to mention Danny’s reference to the type of tux…LOL.. Anyhow.. this is what I “pondered”..LOL

  • Thank you Jess for sharing this great pictures with us ! You are awesome :-)

    Hugs Trish

  • This is Danny:

    Alittle more info. I thought about. Call time to be on set was at 2:30 pm Fri. afternoon and we shot till 5 am Sat. morning. It was alot of hurry up and wait but well worth it. I will most definately do a follow-up interview after the show airs.

    Others notes: Check me out on “The Walking Dead” on AMC Channel in Oct. I am in the pilot episode and a featured extra in episode #4. Also, catch me in “Hall Pass” early next year as the drunk past out at the bar. For more info. on upcoming acting project please join my fanpage on Facebook. Thanks!!!!!!


    Danny Craig Capes

  • avatar kimberly johnson capes

    I have to say wow ..I love this,seeing my brother danny capes in theses movies.he is the pics and love reading about it all..

  • avatar Trisha Germay

    Awesome pics Jess! Thanks for sharing with us, can’t wait til September 9th! :-)

  • i can wait tvd season 2 and i love damon its a veryvery sexy


    I have to go Wednesday an finish up filming on this scene. So, evidentally, they did not get everything shot. Looking forward to maybe another interview after filming on Wed. So stay tuned for further updates!!!!

    Very truly yours,

    Danny Capes

  • Oh and BTW, I am assuming that I will be wearing my tux and tails again in this lifetime. Just goes to show ya, never say never!!!!!!!

    Wedding, hum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very truly yours,

    Danny Capes

  • I have ‘pondered’ some more…LOL. Some sort of Mystic Falls Ball Maybe? And Danny, yep, never say

  • Wow this is something I’ve seen millions of times in movies.

  • FYI: For you fans out there of Danny Capes. Danny passed away on March 15, 2011 from complication of an aortic valve replacement surgery in January. Danny has been my friend for 20+ years and will be missed by many!
    Danny can be seen in “Hall Pass”, “Big Mamma’s House 3, Like Father Like Son”, “TellTale Hearts” and in a Skeletonwitch video!

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