Filming in December

December 8, 2010 8:33 pm

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More set pictures from Monday Dec. 6th in the freezing COLD! In case you hadnt heard David Anders has returned as Jon GIlbert. Thats right folks Vampire Stalkers was the first to break this on Monday. I hope you enjoy the pics and you can see the article about Monday here

You can make the pictures can be made bigger by clicking on them.
Special thanks to @groundedsouls on twitter for using her awesome camera and letting me use some of her pictures. If you would like to use any content from this site please be respectful provide credit to vampire stalkers as well as a link back to the post.



  • avatar Elena Rendine

    Boy, guess it’s cold down in GA as much as it is here in North N.J.! I know someone who lives in Lawrenceville, not far from Covington, right?
    Great Pics, thanks for sharing! Hoping one day to come down! ~elena~

  • Today is December 13th and it was 27 degrees in the afternoon. It is extremely cold in Atlanta today. Lucky me, I live 15 minutes from Covington and should have already been to the TVD set at least once. Great pic, appreciate you sharing!

  • That is really awesome guys! Make sure to stay warm I never believed it got cold in Georgia until we moved here!

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