60′s Dance Filming

March 1, 2011 11:07 am

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Last week Brannan and I spent some of the first few days of Springtime weather Stalking our favorite Vamps and all their friends. Hanging in Mystic Falls is when we have the most fun…taking pictures, hanging out and waiting on the cast to come hang out with us. The cool thing is that they do come hang out…and that is awesome. During filming last week we witnessed alot of cool extras and cast members walking around in 60′s clothing filming a dance scene. I finally got a great new picture with Nina and Paul which was number one on my list. Paul even had his beautiful girlfriend on set with him Torrey Divotto from Pretty Little Liars. Man I wish I could have meet her to. ha ha The best part of Stalking this week for my hubby was when he got to hang with Candice. He of course thinks she is the hottest Vamp in Mystic Falls so his picture with her is exactly what he wanted.

The best part of Stalking this week was Ian of course. Ian came out on Thursday and Friday night. I think he actually tried to compel me on the side of the road. After taking a few pictures with fans he saw me and proceeded to caress my face while thanking me over and over for all the things I’ve been doing with ISF. Something he did not need to do but I appreciated all the same. I would give anything if someone had taken a picture of this but I think that the rest of the fans were as mesmerized as I was. After that he of course started wanting to know where “His Girl” was…meaning Brannan of course. Once he got his eyes on Brannan he started pulling her through the crowd to him and loving on her and thanking her. I am telling you this so that you can know how appreciative he is for all the support and love he has received from each and everyone of us regarding ISF. Ian is truly thankful and so very passionate about his foundation. Anything we can do as the fans is so very important. Day two of stalking was no less important when Ian came out Brannan hadn’t made it from school yet so he asked if there was anything at all he could do for us. So of course I jumped at the chance to him make a video for all his fans. So check that out and pay close attention to what he is saying this is just another small chance that you can help make a difference and Help ISF. See the video here http://vampirestalkers.com/2011/02/25/videoiansomerhalder/

While we were getting our Stalk on we were also celebrating a great friend of mines birthday Mrs. Amber Davis co-founder of Vampire Support. So make sure you check out those pictures as well. We got Amber balloons and ribbon and made her wear them around set that day! Its always more fun when everyone knows its your birthday, right? Love you Amber!

Spoiler Alert: From what I am hearing the Great and Powerful “ORIGINAL” KLAUS dedicates a song to Elena at the dance. I dont think he shows in person in this episode but it lets us know in the coming weeks after the dance he should be showing his face really soon!



  • God, I love reading about your times on the set… You guys are so lucky ^_^. I’m saving up my money just so I can make a trip down there for a tour. Please keep this stuff coming I love reading about it!!!!

  • Beautiful photos.
    I envy you. :D

  • those are great pictures but even more it is wonderful the work you do for the IFS so from me and all those who care about making a difference thank you

  • Thanks so much for sharing! I love how connected the cast is with the fans and how warm and caring they are. You are very lucky ladies. One of these days I have to make the trip :)

  • avatar Cathy Whaley

    Great pics! Thanks so much for sharing! Can’t wait for Eyecon!

  • Wow, this is amazing. They’re amazine. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, you’re awesome.
    A big thank you from France

  • avatar -- { ? } M A R Y

    I can’t wait to see what will happen in this episode and i wonder what song will Klaus dedicate to Elena i hope it won’t be a Justin Bieber song XD

  • avatar Natalie Almond

    OH,MAN! your sssssoooooooo lucky!( and i live in Covington!!!!) You are like…AWESOME! BTW: LOVE THE PIXS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • avatar Natalie Almond

    people HATE me, because….. i LOVE The vampire diaries more than Twilight:) I KNOW RIGHT! That’s only because the VD comes on thursdays and Twilight comes on EVERY YEAR!!!!!OH,NO, gtg byezzz.

  • avatar Gloria Natalia

    I want to be friends with you and ur daughter bree. It must be so fun doing what you love.

  • avatar Gloria Natalia Heramia

    I can’t wait to go in one of your tours this Monday. I wish they are filming when we get there, and yes I know they might not be there but its okay with me. Can’t wait till monday to see you and the rest of the people that are going to be there too. Thanks

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