Season 3 Shooting

July 23, 2011 9:09 pm

What can I say about the month of July in HOTLANTA? Oh yea right, I know…Its HOT! Fortunately for us the heat does not seem to chase Vampires or Werewolves Away! Thank goodness, cause I think my life would stop having any meaning at all if I couldn’t spend my days and evenings Stalking the set of The Vampire Diaries or providing tours to all the awesome fans that aren’t lucky enough to live here.
I can tell you that we spent 2 days watching this week. One day was spent in “Tennessee” and the other in “Mystic Falls”. If you follow all the fan-sites then you will know that Stefan and Klaus have traveled to Tennessee after the finale when Klaus encourages Stefan to drink human blood again and head down the path of the Ripper. I personally love seeing Stefan in that character and am even more excited to try my hardest to meet the newest full time cast member Mr. Joseph Morgan. Yes that’s right I totally admit that Joseph is my mission for season 3 shooting. I did have the pleasure to interview Joseph on my radio show The VRO back in May but that doesn’t compare to an in-person meeting with the “man behind the accent”. SO get ready Paul and Joseph we may live in Mystic Falls but we are willing to travel all over Atlanta until our mission is complete. From what we could tell Stefan and Klaus are reeking havoc in Tennessee at trashy, biker bar. I can tell you we also got a glimpse of David Gallagher (formerly in 7th Heaven and Super 8). David has been cast as a wolf in the first 2 episodes according to local news reports.

Keep in mind we did see Joseph Morgan as he headed to the Van for lunch. He looked awesome and focused. I really hate it we didnt get to meet him but have high hopes he will be one of those cool cast members that tries to spend a few seconds with his fans whenever possible!


Dont fret though that dosent mean we wont be here in Covington bringing you all the Mystic Falls news as well. If the cast of TVD is here in my town you can expect an update. Just rememeber I will give you a few sneak peaks into season 3 but I will not be giving you every juicy detail. Some things are better are saw on your tv screen on Thursday nights. This week we were lucky enough to see Michael Trevino shooting some scenes with Candice Accola and Steven McQueen. Summer was good to them guys, they looked well rested and ready to get back to work! The cast filmed a few scenes at the Mystic Grill as well as on the town square. Rumer has it there was some shots done at the Lockwood mansion as well….Ill let you use your imagination for that.


Photo credit to Ella Worley @groundedsouls my fellow Stalker and friend. Please credit back to Vampire Stalkers for anything you use or discuss after seeing and learning it here. Its good manners folks and much appreciated.



  • Great site! I am dying to see Jack Coleman pics from the set, ugh.

  • Ahhh, this gets me so excited! We will be there in 3 days (all the way from CA), ready to get our tour on! Hope we get super lucky and get see some cool things and meet some cool peeps1 Hotlanta here we come!! :)

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