Mystic Grill FIRE!

May 10, 2012 9:11 am

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This morning I was woken to numerous texts and phone calls telling me something awful was happening. Sadly Carter and Associates or as most of you will know it, The Mystic Grill was on fire. I don’t have all the specifics yet I can tell you that the bad news is the inside is probably ruined from the looks of things…Sadly this means that a lot of people are going to have to find somewhere to conduct business for a while. Mr. Carter has been so very nice to us and we want to ask you for your prayers for him, his employees and their families. Also sadly this means that a building that is considered part of historic Covington has been damaged. The good news? It does look like the Fire Department here did a great job responding and the outside of our beloved Mystic Grill was saved! That means that as far as I can see filming for Vampire Diaries hopefully will not be effected. It also means that our historic courthouse which is directly beside the Mystic Grill is OK. Thank goodness it wasn’t worse than it is! I will keep you posted as more details emerge. I will also let you know if there is anything that the Carter’s need. For anyone that has taken a tour here with me, Mr. Carter is the nice man who comes out and says “here comes a Vampire”. He has always embraced fans with open arms and not minded when we congregated outside in droves to take pictures of his accounting firm. Thank you again to the Covington Fire Department for their quick response of under 2 minutes.¬†

My Question is? Is it coincidence that the Season 3 Finale will air tonight? Is this some kind of omen as to what will happen in tonights episode? Tragedy is what comes to mind…

Please provide link backs to anything you want to use. Also thank you to Square Perk for the use of one of these pictures. All other pictures are the sole property of Vampire Stalkers and Mystic Falls Tours. 


UPDATE: from the Covington Facebook page: Further Update on structure fire at Alexander Royston and Carter CPA on the Clark St block between Pace and Hunter St- Public Safety are working on having the roads open, possibly by 11:00am (we will keep the FB page updated). The Arts Association May Concert at 12:00pm will continue as planned. Businesses affected by the fire РAlexander and Royston, Carter CPA, Tropical Nails, the Ledbetter law firm, Kuters Cage and the Masonic Lodge. Our thoughts and concerns are with these business owners and their staff in the coming days. Many thanks to all the Public Safety Departments for their quick response and efforts in successfully containing the fire.

Business will go on as planned for Mystic Falls Tours. If you want to book a tour, or are already booked then please don’t worry we will have Tours go on as planned.


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