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December 14, 2012 12:28 am


    OMG did you guys see that episode of The Vampire Diaries? You know the beautiful winter wonderland one…the one where we say goodbye to a strong member of this cast, someone we all have come to know and love since season 1. Well us over here at Vampire Stalkers took Susan out for coffee weeks ago, we sat down and discussed the mid-season finale, the fact that Mystic Falls is losing one of the few humans left and the fact that shes just glad she wasnt hung from a tree, like that poor guy in “Ghost World”. 

Susan will be missed over here in the real Mystic Falls as well as on the show. Before I post the interview though I want you to see what Susan’s facebook status was this morning, the good thing is she can joke about the impending doom we have all been waiting to see.

Susan: Vampire Diaries tonight….. Mayor Lockwood, call a lifeguard!!!
The interview is kind of long…I hope you will take the time to read it in its interity, after all this is the last time we will hear from Mayor Lockwood.
Jess: First of all can I tell you how much I have enjoyed watching you play Carol Lockwood on The Vampire Diaries and thank you for all the time you have spent over the past 4 seasons allowing me to interview you.

Small disclaimer to the fans…This  interview is being done before the episode airs,  so please be aware although it won’t be published until after you see the episode due to spoilers we had to ask the questions you wanted to know with limited information. We were privileged to be allowed to be the first to interview Susan after she filmed her death but the interview took place weeks before the tragic episode aired.

 Jess: Its been a good run for you on TVD, you went from being the mayors wife, to being the acting mayor of Mystic Falls to most importantly learning your son was a wolf, and now a Vampire-Wolf Hybrid…what do you feel has been the best storyline so far that you have been involved in?

Susan: I am really glad that I found out that my son was a werewolf on camera and I really liked that episode. I also wanted to DIE on camera, you know what I mean? I just didn’t want to fade out. Its kind of nice because selfishly I did not want to be the person who was just hung from the tree on the square like that poor guy was.

 Jess: This season so much has changed did you think that your character would make it this long considering its a Vampire show…and you have been one of the few humans still alive?

Susan: logically they have to have some humans on the show, they have to have some parents on the show and they have this beautiful set that is my house. That has been pretty good for all these town meetings and things so I would read the scripts and just be glad that I was alive at the end of it..ya know? If someone had told me 4 years ago I would have lasted this long on the show I probably would have been doubtful.

 Jess:  Episode 10 of season 4 will be the first time we see Christmas is Mystic Falls, I know from watching you guys film that this is a important episode…first off can you tell us what kind of preparation goes into planning an episode like that out in public while trying to rein in the spoiler aspect?

Susan:  Its funny cause I never even thought about the whole spoiler aspect because up until 2 or 3 days before hand all these scenes were written to be filmed at the Mansion. The scene was so private that no one would be there, then all of a sudden  it was moved to the center of town and I was like OMG this is so bizarre. It was filmed late at night and not a lot of people were there. Also you know with the way this show goes, you could have someone get their head stuck in a fountain that doesn’t die…

 Jess: Exactly

Susan: It wasn’t exactly like there was this big death scene happening…I wasn’t hung from a tree. Looking at the show I think it actually worked out better that we couldn’t do it at the mansion this time cause the town square looked so beautiful, Gorgeous. The real snow, I really liked those scenes.

 Jess: In this episode Carol Lockwood has several scenes, we see a touching moment of you and Tyler sitting on the bench in the town square can you tell us more about this moment and how it leads up to the tragedy that later unfolds?

Susan: as Carol Lockwood I am sitting on a bench with my son who has just told me he is going to leave for an extended length of time, doing something very dangerous,who knows what details he goes into.The scene was pretty emotional and I had to stop myself from being quite so emotional but I think it will end up being a very nice scene. The scene is about Tyler saying to his mom, This is my job now. The twist is instead of her saying no you can’t do it, she lets him go.

 Jess: Klaus has been the villain that we all love to hate, did you worry that he would eventually bring on Carol’s demise?

Susan:  When the whole hybrid nation thing kind of happened with Klaus and he didn’t have a house and he was here to stay and I remember thinking…Aw dang, he’s gonna move into my house. Ya know, and I am going to go. However, I was extremely grateful when I read the script and it was Klaus because its Joseph Morgan. The fact that is was Joseph I knew that he would be really really professional so thats why I was really happy it was him or any of them. I guess what I mean is I like the anonymity of the fact I was working less with Joseph as Klaus as opposed to it wasn’t just a plain ol’ scene. It was a great death scene.

 Jess: Yes, it was a scene we will talk about from now on in all the seasons that come after

Susan: Yes, Joseph was great. It was hard in a way too cause Michael knows how I am and when I got choked up a few times in a scene he knew we needed to go back and start again and take a minute cause we have worked more together. Joseph and I hadn’t really worked together though and the way Pascal directed it was such a gift, you have no idea. Its like 3 lines where your screaming for your life…or your childs life. Pascal did it differently though he just had Joseph come up and say his lines repetitively and we did it like 5 times an then the one scene where he plunged my head into the fountain. So it was easier and Joseph stuck with me and my hair didn’t have to be wet all night.

Jess: Best scenes as Carol Lockwood? 

Susan: My first day on the job here things worked out perfectly for me with my acting instruments and my last day on the job that day everything worked out perfectly. The first day I had a scene where I was being mean to Vicki and there was just something about the way you just step in an the words come out right and I said this snotty little thing about her and I was like OMG that was perfect.

 Jess: I loved that line, you know I do the tours to the sets an we go to the Lockwood mansion and the bench is there, where you said he brought trash to the party…that scene worked and it stuck with the fans.

Susan: I appreciate when the little moments work out like that.

 Jess: When filming the famous fountain scene in the Mystic Falls Square certain precautions were taken so that the fans would not know what happens…considering how it all ends how hard is it for you to keep things like that a secret from everyone?

Susan: I never evening thought about keeping it a secret until I noticed that day that the scene was blacked out in the dialgue in the sides. I know they didn’t want people to see me getting killed so I thought I would be there until 3 in the morning. For some reason things cleared out around 11pm and we were able to go ahead and shoot it.

Jess: So how do you feel about your final scene. Do you think it went well?

Susan: Pascal the way he directed it was fantastic. I am the kind of actress I come to set and I am ready. So it was great, I couldn’t have kept doing it for 3 hours. I felt really good about that.

 Jess: Have you seen it yet?

Susan: No I haven’t. I saw the shot of the stunt woman when he actually dunked her the night before.  When Joseph shoved her head under the water and it just stayed there it was really creepy and the camera was really high. Its a good shot. Its done very well.

 Jess: Can you give us a glimmer of hope that you will return sometime in the future? I mean after all this is a supernatural TV show? Can’t Bonnie just do some kind of spell and bring you back? 

Susan: I would HIGHLY doubt it.  Its ok though…I ended it. It ended, and I had a great time.

Jess: I know that you and your husband are both part of the Teen Wolf cast and it is relocating to LA. Did that have anything to do with you leaving TVD?

Susan: leaving was only Story related , my leaving is sort of looped in with Tyler as well. Now I will be able to join my husband in LA when he’s shooting and thats good.

Jess: TVD is filmed in my hometown of Covington, GA. Can you tell us what you enjoyed most about filming in our small town?

Susan: thats easy! I am the person to ask that, I know the stars of the show really dug it cause of how the fans were. They come out and want to see them. For me as the mayor I was always speaking to Covington.A lot of the residents played extras a lot of the time. It was great for me though cause I always had such great people to talk to. The people of Covington would sit there and listen and clap when they were supposed to and they were awesome and excited to hear it over and over again.

 Jess: Lastly what would you like to see happen with Tyler’s storyline now that he has lost both of his parents? Are there any other story lines you would like to guess the future about?

Susan: I can not begin to guess. and that is a major compliment to Julie.  I am going to continue to watch this show…even though I filmed every week when I sat down with my daughters to watch and I would see Paul and Ian and Nina and I would completely buy it. So I have no idea, but I will continue to watch.  As far as Tyler goes its kind of sad, you have this town of teenagers without parents. Why would he live there in that house?

Jess: I hope he stays there cause we love that house! Maybe we will get lucky and the house will go with whoever the mayor is?

Susan: I don’t think so, thats my house!

 Jess: Fair enough! 

 Jess: What can we expect to see you appear in the future in?

If timing works out you will see me on Teen Wolf again. I will go out to LA at the beginning of the year to look for new projects.

 Jess: Susan, on behalf of The Vampire Diaries fandom I just want to tell you that you will be greatly missed…thanks so much for joining us one last time. 

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